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Airbench is a British firm that manufactures downdraught benches to make a safe environment for workers.

Nearly for any kind of works and materials like CFRP, metal, stone, welding, grinding, etc at very competitive prices.


FLAVIA is an engineering and maintenance company specialized in Aeronautics, Ground Support Equipment, Test Stands, Airport Services and Defense.
FLAVIA gives support and after sales service.

We are continuously improving the products and services we offer to our customers. If you are interested in developing your aeronautic business in Spain, feel free to contact us, we are at your disposal!


JAMES A. STALEY is a first level manufacturer in the aeronautic industry, for Test Stands for equipments and aeronautic components hydraulics, pneumatics, electric, for APUs, engines, turbines, etc.

Some of their customers are USAF, Honeywell, G.E. AIRCRAFT ENGINES, BOEING, Gulfstream, etc.


Manufacturer of Nitrogen and Oxigen generators for Aerospace and Defense applications.
Special equipments for crisis situations.


Firts level hydraulic trolleys (mules) manyfacturer. Sun’s hydraulic trolleys guarantee the best decontamination posible for hydraulic fluids, improving outstandingly flight safety and durability of aircraft hydraulic components. That is why Sun’s mules are the most used by European Air Forces and Airlines.

Verolme Elektra is the fixed test bench división of Sun Tests Sytems Group, specialized in hydraulic test benches.


A number of GSE and Airport Equipments manufacturers to cover a wide variety of products:

-GPU 400Hz, 28V, etc.
-Air Starter UNITS (ASU) for all aircrafts.
-Testeadores de cables de avión.
-Rubber removal machines for airports and Runway sweepers.

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