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FLAVIA performs preventive and corrective maintenance, keeping Ground Support Equipments and installation ready for service.
FLAVIA’s engineers and mechanics perform maintenance tasks on Ground Support Equipments and related installations all over Spain.

FLAVIA has developed a propietary Maintenance software, to organize and control periodical tasks, repairings, manuals, etc, taking advantage of the knowledge generated, introducing in the system the information about the tasks performed.

FLAVIA offers its customers the most flexible, profitable and suitable solution:

- Punctual assistances to diagnose and repair equipments.

- Periodical maintenace activities and calibrating, controlling the efficeinet use of the hours contracted, and quality of works.

- Outsourcing of ourstaff working in customer’s facilities, delivering periodical reports specifying all tasks performed and status of all equipments.

We are at your disposal. Contact us without compromise.

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