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FLAVIA supplies pneumatic test benches supplied by James A. Staley, company that has huge expertise in the industry. Some of this equipments are Test benches for aircraft valves, pneumatic starters, oxygen modules, ACM, etc.
We supply pneumatic test benches like universal test benches for aircrafts, ACM (Air Cycle
Machine), for pneumatic starters, oxygen regulators, actuators, leakages in hydraulic circuits, pressure cabins, etc.

We supply from the simplest to the most Complex Equipments, including complete Test and Control Cells.

Lasergas is Finnish Nitrogen Generator manufacturer for using in Aeronautics and Defense.

FLAVIA supplies and make after sales services about James A. Staley and Lasergas’ equipments.

If you don’t find the product you are looking for, it is possible our manufacturers have it, or we can develop it. Ask us without compromise!

We also do maintenance and engineering about other equipments and installations that our customers require.

actuators (test stands) dispenser trolleys (N2,O2)

 related services
leakage tests (test stands) N2 generators
oxygen (test stands)

pressure cabins (test stands)
starters (test stands)
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